If the World had a consciense innovation could be directed at something more meaningful than dealing with the dump on Malaysia. From recycling bottles into maps to monitoring illegal logging from Space, we’ve become driven by mans thoughlessness. Time for something more meaningful?

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Pushing a boulder Running a business can be daunting. Driving constant improvement is essential but, as one entrepreneur said to me the other day, “it’s like pushing a huge boulder up a hill.” Keep…

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Join this Hall of fame It’s great to look back across a year and dig into the highlights. Better still to pay tribute to those that helped the most and, today, we’re listing in…

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Outdated fashion ignores trends In the past week many felt outraged at the widely accepted practices of our insanely wasteful fashion industry.  Is it only those outside the industry that can see how outdated…

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New York Launch The biggest day Could 30th May 2018 prove to be the biggest day in the SplashMaps calendar? That was the day of our New York Launch at the New York Rights…

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Unique to any adventure “SplashMaps make custom maps unique to any adventure”, made an easy enough message to share with gift market customers who ponder Christmas 2018 at Spring Fair. We were there to…

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5 Years! SplashMaps is 5 years old today! Now as it’s our birthday, it’s a great time to look back at those stand-out moments on our quest to make the best outdoors maps in…

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SplashMaps‘ latest designs for Lush have just hit the streets of Tokyo! Tokyo is impossible to navigate? So many people complain that Tokyo is impossible to navigate.  Those signs, the street crossings, the bustle…

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Affable Entrepreneur fired-up by Dragons! Dragons’ Den’s “affable entrepreneur’s” fabric maps have doubled sales and increased profits since filming. The business took advice from the Dragons to grow the UK base and broaden the…

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