Planning for adventure can be overwhelming, but these 2 awards recognise SplashMaps’ recent innovations to help you plan simply. The upshot? We have the World’s best Outdoor Goods company serving you from the South…

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Plastics aren’t the problem. It’s our mis-use of plastics. Be grateful for the unique things these amazing materials and just invent new plastics!

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Geographic information is saving lives and helping the world become a more just place. Ed Freyfogle invited two inspirational projects who claim to be saving the homeless and the wordless with geo-technologies to our…

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Missing maps You’re interested in maps, but how can you use that to save a life? The Missing Maps initiative may help you turn a pleasant and social pasttime into a crucial resource that…

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It’s another customer take-over! Here Jamie Woodcock, veteran of the military and fan of the Norwegian hunting fields tells us how his maps worked out for him, his colleagues and hosts on a recent…

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The 2017 Gear Awards It’s great to get another award.  This time SplashMaps is one of Cycle Traveller magazine’s 2017 Gear Award winners and join the best of the new products supporting their cycle…

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Travelling into London is always an education.  I’ve met terrific people on the train so many times, and now that the LUSH shop in Waterloo has been converted into a sweet-smelling map-shop there’s double…

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SplashMaps’s best reads list is out!  We’ve been inspired by working with writers of running, battles and the history of maps.  And we’re pleased they’ve all got great deals for you via our site….

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