Whether you’re a seasoned runner or just starting out, Chris’ guide to the ultimate running maps has everything you need to know to find the perfect route for your next workout. Meet our Ambassador…

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Do SplashMaps make effective mountain rescue maps? When using a mountain rescue map in an emergency situation, it’s important to stay calm and focused. Cool headed Mountain Rescue volunteers like Will Close-Ash take time…

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Thousands of enthusiastic outdoor enthusiasts joined us at the National Outdoor Expo on 18-19th March. They explored using unique all-weather personalised maps in the outdoors and so much more. Here’s 7 new experiences that…

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Dartmoor Search and Rescue give a SplashMap as a prize for Dartmoor in the Dark nighttime hiking challenge.

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51% of people interviewed by Visit Britain plan to spend more time outdoors. But what will they do and where? SplashMaps explores the variety of options and uncovers the increasing attention to diversity, inclusivity and environmental impact from the outdoors industry that helps everyone find their own beloved outdoors.

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Hard to describe? Is it hard to describe what you do? You know your part in improving the world, but for service businesses, your efforts can remain unseen if they’re too intangible. If only…

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Guardian and Evening Standard newspapers Could it be a New Year new you for you in 2019? For January, SplashMaps teams up with the Guardian and the Evening Standard newspapers to help more people…

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The limits of endurance Mountain rescue and leader training are defined by extremes. They happen at the limits of endurance, in the face of shear weather and foreboding terrain. But the mountain attracts and…

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