Chaz Powel, a SplashMaps Ambassador and winner of Explorer of the Year with SES Explore talks about Simple Navigation for Solo Adventures.

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Plastics aren’t the problem. It’s our mis-use of plastics. Be grateful for the unique things these amazing materials and just invent new plastics!

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Three things you need from custom maps Serious explorers and adventurers – like gift buyers for walkers, cyclists and runners – know there are three things you need from custom maps. Our short films…

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They’re now in print. The ultimate evidence that you can adventure, inspire and gift anywhere on the planet for pretty much any outdoor venture you could imagine. From desert to jungle, from lakes to…

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Your Map Style is completely “you”.  If you love maps enough to wear them then there are increasing options, the latest of which is the SplashMaps’ waistcoat. Nottingham, California Ken Field ordered his waistcoat…

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SplashMaps‘ May-time celebrations of National Walking Month include another stint on the Telly! As we’re getting more fans from across the Atlantic an intrepid crew of Canadians has been attracted to our fabric ways…

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I was invited to spend an afternoon at the Scientific Expedition Society HQ and meet their inspirational leader,  John Blashford-Snell OBE (JB-S).  John is one of the world’s most renowned and highly respected explorers….

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