Scouting and NHS couple Phil and Jennie’s challenge with their own scouting offspring and Scout Explorers from Arrow district Scouts would impress any adventurer. The John O’Groats to Landsend (aka JOGLE) challenge can never…

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The Keswick Mountain Festival kicks off on 10th September and we’re so excited to be heading there! We’ve got some fantastic Keswick products to showcase that you’ll be able to get your hands on. We’ve also got some really exciting projects on the go you won’t want to miss and we need your feedback on.

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Awesome Destinations is our latest series of films! Since we began it’s been our purpose to make printed maps simple, desirable and accessible for everyone. That’s why we invented our Destination series of maps.

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Trail finding on a bike ride with friends and surrounded by beautiful ripe blackberries. I had to stop. My passion for crumble created a perfect chance to demonstrate fixing a stained map of Hampshire….

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We’ve created our first custom-made Instagram friendly map in the UK together with Clarion Communications. The 6 islands of the Outer Hebrides are already in Lonely’s Planet’s top 5 regions to visit in 2019….

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This week our Make-a-Map personalised map service took-on its greatest test. Can our maps be made to explore anywhere? Could we really make dedicated maps for 9 of the countries’ top explorers’ expeditions in…

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There’s signs that we’re getting Big in Belgium! Johan Lambrechts contacted me last month asking about a SplashMap Toob of his area. We made it, and he was good enough to share his experience…

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Saying “yes” to stuff We only get one crack at this life so the opportunities for great experiences need to be nurtured. Life’s richest experiences are created by increasing these opportunities and making the…

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Planning that challenge – Part 2 In part 2 of our “Planning that challenge” series we now present your 6 point plan to adventure planning! Previously we looked at  what you want to gain…

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Who in your life gives The Gift of Adventure? There’s always someone who nails it every time.  You get a gift and wander if you’ll ever use it.  Often it’s not something you’d asked…

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