The Keswick Mountain Festival kicks off on 10th September and we’re so excited to be heading there! We’ve got some fantastic Keswick products to showcase that you’ll be able to get your hands on. We’ve also got some really exciting projects on the go you won’t want to miss and we need your feedback on.

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Walkers are a persistent bunch. Photos from Personal, Annual, Life long and bucket list challenges arrive all the time. The titles and formats of maps say almost too much about our challengers!

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Hard to describe? Is it hard to describe what you do? You know your part in improving the world, but for service businesses, your efforts can remain unseen if they’re too intangible. If only…

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Three things you need from custom maps Serious explorers and adventurers – like gift buyers for walkers, cyclists and runners – know there are three things you need from custom maps. Our short films…

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Isn’t it flattering to be asked to make maps for map makers? This week we’ve commenced printing the order for the Belgian National Mapping Agency, NGI. NGI SplashMaps Toobs Hundreds of NGI SplashMaps Toobs…

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Unique to any adventure “SplashMaps make custom maps unique to any adventure”, made an easy enough message to share with gift market customers who ponder Christmas 2018 at Spring Fair. We were there to…

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It’s funny how things evolve.  The Gift of Adventure When we started SplashMaps, green was an obvious colour.  It’s about the outdoors; grass and leaves and all that makes the outdoors outdoorsey. When we…

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The Autumn Campaign The response to our autumn campaign has been amazing!  SplashMaps have been weaving and printing a-plenty as retailers get their Christmas Stock of customised SplashMaps having taken advantage of our September…

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