Antarctic Toobs People have often joked with me about Antarctic Toobs and Maps. That you could literally flip over a SplashMap to it’s white reverse side and, hey presto, a snowy map is yours….

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Our latest sale sees prices on our most popular destinations slashed! What’s on offer? The most popular maps on our weatherproof fabric are between 50% and 30% off! WHILE STOCKS LAST.  These indestructible SplashMaps…

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The first ever Southampton Sailing Week gets underway today, offering a wealth of events both on and off the water. The event runs from May 24 to 29 and will showcase water sports of…

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To Navigate or Not to Navigate?  That is the question.  SplashMap’s latest nautical chart has us all-at-sea (as my Grandmother used to say).  In fact it’s our first sea chart!  This product has been…

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