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Isle of Man South Harvey SplashMap


The Isle of Man South Harvey SplashMap covers more than 3/4 of this island at a scale of 1:30 000 on weatherproof fabric.

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Harvey Maps are famed for making beautifully clear maps at the most sensible scale for long distance challenges. That’s why with the Isle of Man South Harvey SplashMap we joined forces to bring a greater level of practicality to the best walking and running challenges. Together we’ll give you renewed confidence in your adventure. And as the whole route and descriptions fit on one breathable weatherproof pro-fabric SplashMap you’re lighter weight too!

The Isle of Man South is part of a 2 part series with the whole island spread across 2 maps with plenty of overlap. Each map covers greater than 3/4 of the island thanks to clever and intuitive map sectioning.

Famed for the TT motorcycle race, this 572 square kilometer island is home to a number of stretching challenges on two legs and two wheels.

Contents: Isle of Man South, Raad ny Foillan, Beinn-y-Phott, Sartfell, Pistol Castle, Ballasalla, Castletown, Millenium Way, Santon Head, Scarlett, Ballabeg, South Barrule, Hollow of the chapel, Dalby Point, St Patricks Isle, Lady Port, Knocksharry, Kirk Michael, Port St. Mary, Port Erin, Calf of Man, Spanish Head, Black Head

Dimensions on map:49 x 140 cm
Covering the South of the Island with a vertical cut

Scale: 1:30 000

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Dimensions 140 × 49 cm
Map Scale



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