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Hadrian’s Wall Map from SplashMaps


The Hadrian’s Wall Map SplashMap covers the whole of this popular trail at a scale of 1:40 000 on weatherproof fabric.

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The Hadrian’s Wall Map from SplashMaps offers an amazing example of great map companies collaborating to make something unique. The best fabric, print and map designs result in the world’s most practical map for walking, riding & running challenges.

Sensible scale for long distance

Harvey Maps are famed for beautiful, clear maps at the most sensible scale for long distance challenges. Together we give you renewed confidence in your adventure. And as the whole 135km National Trail and description fits on one SplashMap you’re lighter weight too!

The perfect Hadrian’s Wall Map

This really is the perfect Hadrian’s Wall Map for Walking Holidays, Hardian’s Wall Walk,  The Wall Ultra Challenges and any long or short section of this unique National Trail.

Significant Roman remains are marked on the map, including enlargements of Housesteads.

Harvey Map range from SplashMaps

These maps contain useful information such as the different walking and cycling trails, water stops, translations for key infrastructure and emergency use. Amazingly long distances are achieved on a handy sized map thanks to some clever map design from Harvey Maps. For example, the Hadrian’s Wall edition covers 84 miles, yet is highly detailed (2.5cm = 1km!) and rolls-up to the size of a sock!



Bowness, Port Carlisle, Solway Firth, Beaumont, Carlisle, Crosby, Walton, Brampton, Banks, Haltwhistle, Carovan, Housesteads, Haydon Bridge, Hexham, Hadrian’s Wall World Heritage Site, Corbridge, Harlow Hill, Heddon-on-the-Wall, Newcastle Upon Tyne. Detailed sections of Bridswald and Gilsland and other helpful navigation advice, accomodation and travel solutions are included.

Hadrian’s Wall Map dimensions:

Covering the full length of the 84 mile Hadrian’s Wall National Trail
Size of product (including borders):
97cm x 69cm (approximately)

Additional information

Dimensions 97 × 69 cm
Licence Holder

Harvey Maps

Map Scale



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