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Der Schwarze Grat


Virtually indestructible Fabric Map of The Grat Schwarze

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Schwarzer Grat

The Schwarzer Grat stands in the southwest of Baden-Württemberg and belongs to the small mountain range of Adelegg, which is roughly north of the Allgäu Alps and extends far into the northern Alpine Foreland. The boundary with Bavaria and the county of Oberallgäu runs just under 300 metres southeast of the top. The highest summit rises 1.8 km south-southwest of Eschachthal, a village in the Bavarian municipality of Weitnau, and 2.3 km (as the crow flies) north-northeast of Bolsternang, a village in the Württemberg municipality of Isny im Allgäu.

This map clearly shows all the trails, forests and towns in this amazing waling and mountain biking region.  All the important navigation features you expect on a SplashMap are included. For super clear depictions of the slopes this map features hill shading as well as contours.

Detail around the Hauchenberg Peak


Major Settlements:

Friesenhofen, Winterstetten, Frauenzell, Kruzell, Wiggensbach, Lauben, Leubas, Ursulasried, Kempten, Borwang, Betzigau, Hirschdorf, Ermengerst, Wengen, Kleinweiller, Maierhofen, Riedholz, Sibratshofen, Weitnau, Hellengerst, Oberdorf bei Immenstadt, Sulzberg, Vorderburg, Kranzegg, Rettenberg, Immenstadt, Wiedemannsdorf, Raunhenzell, Rottach


Walkenberg, Wolfsberg, Kreuzleshohe, Schwarzer Grat, Hohenkapf, Raggenhorn, Riedholzer Kugel, Iberger Kugel, Pierrenberg, Kalzhofener Hohe, Huttenberg, Salmase Hohe, Immenstadter Horn, Falkenstein, Herzeisstein


Grid Coordinates (Easting, Northing / Grid Reference):
Lower-left – 576600, 526720
Upper-right – 604200, 529450

Dimensions on map:
27.6km x 27.6km
Size of product (including borders):

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Dimensions 73 × 73 cm
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