Cloth Map

Welcome to Splashmaps, we have a pre-made cloth map of the Cateran North trail but we can bespoke make any cloth map you want! Cloth maps are wearable, washable and all weather maps – designed for the real outdoors.

Whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend or a loved one, our cloth maps make the perfect gift for someone or treat yourself if you are an avid outdoors person, you will know all too well how flimsy and breakable traditional maps can be, especially with our infamous UK weather. Another good point about our maps, they are all machine washable. So you can enjoy your new cloth map throughout many adventures to come.

History of Cloth Maps

Maps have been drawn and printed on many different materials throughout history including paper, stone, skin and cloth. While paper became the dominant printing surface, cloth maps have remained part of our history since the eighteenth century, mainly used as souvenirs and travellers aids.

Early explorers needed to preserve their map as much as possible, especially when journeys were typically in damp conditions and lasted months or even years. One common method would be to wrap the map in cloth to keep it dry and out of the elements.

We can custom make whatever map you want, so please do get in touch if you cannot see the map you want to buy.

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